Dienstag, 3. November 2009

My green wall & some stories behind it

Here's another little peek into my little appartment - the green wall, which is home to my most favorite picture of all times, Neuf heuref du matin, New York by Jean Sempe (You probably know him already - he did appr. 2 zillion New Yorker covers and is, in my humble opinion, a pure genuis).

I painted the wall myself (had the colour mixed at a local store), scored that Billy shelf at an Ikea Fundgrube (10 Euros) and made it over with some wonderful gift paper (unfortunately, it comes from a X-mas collection and is sold out forerver). The orange tree was given to me by my best friend and has never bore fruit (although it tried but was severely abused by some unpleasant person who always forgets to water her plants). The candles, boxes and mag holders are from Ikea (of course!) and the rest just doesn't look good enough to talk about it so here we go again.

Well, that must be all for today, see ya soon, dear noone!


  1. Thank you, Holly, never thought you'd find time for my moddest blog, which I neglect even more than my plants :)
    I'd love to be able to make better pics caus, in my humble opinion, these ones just don't do my place justice.

  2. I like your house and your art, it's really nice. Are you living in Hannover yet or still outside?

  3. Oh, thanks a bunch, I'm kinda honored :) I used to live in Hannover but am currently in Hildesheim, which I'll be leaving in just a couple of months - for Hannover, of course. The great come back :) I do spend a lot of time in the most beautiful of all cities, though, got friends here and just love the atmosphere.

  4. I've never been there is it charming and old like everything else in this very charming and old country?

  5. Of course it is but not even half as charming and wonderful as Goslar - they have the best Weihnachtsmarkt ever! Actually, Hildesheim is a terrible village (I mean the size. Keep meeting my students everywhere - and it's not so much fun when you're wearing some sports pants and a hoodie and actually just wanna pick some apples at a Turkish store around the corner).