Samstag, 14. November 2009

Mushroom attack (again!)

I've been procrastinating a lot (which also means some really spontaneous shopping/window shopping - online, of course) and after having finally purchased a bunch of punches :) and a delirious amount of Hot Cinnamon Spice tea which will arrive here in December (*ANTICIPATION JUMP*), I got back to that mushroom thought.

Vintage (or vintage-like) educational posters have something about them that makes me want to frame/hang each and every one. As you can guess, dear non-existens readers, I've been drooling a lot.

Let's see. thinks that they can charge almost 50 Euros for this:

Oh yes, it IS absolutely beautiful but even with that 20%discount I managed to find I'd still have to pay 44 Euros for a piece of paper sized 28X43 centimeters.
I'm rather unsure about it....
At first, I was totally smitten by this colourful page from I See All, a kids encylopedia (this one was borrowed from Flickr User mark-s album but blogger won't let me link to it). Thank you, Mark!

The entire encylopedia costs about a hundred and it predominately consists of black-white pictures so after giving it a try (thanks, dear Royal Mail, for having lost my package!), I guess I'll just skip this idea altogether and turn to good old German ebay where loads and loads of vintage mushroom pages are being offered for more than reasonable prices.

P.S. While I was at it, I also laid my eyes on some orchids/ferns pictures.... I guess they'll go wonderfully with all the mushroom goodness I'll treat myself to very, very soon (and I DO have a reason!)

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