Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

(Art)work in progress + Hannover on Sunday

Surpirsingly, I've managed quite a lot lately. Let's take a look at the little list:
1. Digested a bunch of inspirational books and picked some brilliant ideas.
2. Went to Ikea (oh yes, that long time no see feeling!) and spent a couple of wonderful hours. Just me and my shopping cart. It's paradise! And here are the results:
Soon, very soon the Chaos Corner will be a thing of the past!
3. Bought these fantastic prints at Lucille's store:
One is going into the bathroom (nicely updated with a couple of very inexpensive yet stunning Ikea rugs), one's destined for the dining room and the lovely blue bowl of Japanese soup will be staying in my modest abode.
4. parsley_and_cinnamon
Some fresh pictures from the kitchen - it really needed some clean lines. All the cheerful blues and greens made it look a bit like a candy store but black surely does the trick.

There's a very ugly cable hiding right behind the rosemary!
5. And finally, I'd love to show off my neighbourhood (pictures made on a VERY short walk due to the freezing cold)

Sometimes I still can't believe we're really living here, right next to the beautiful gardens, surrounded by the old buildings and yet just a short train ride away from the city center. Oh, Hannover, you're the place to be!


  1. Well, then you've got to come visit, dear :)

  2. You have a beautiful home and in such a lovely city!

  3. Thank you very much, Tina, that's Germany, the best country in the world, I'll never tire of celebrating it :) I loved Copenhagen last summer although we were a bit shocked by the prices. My friend who lives there told me quite a bunch of horror stories about the taxes and such in Denmark.
    I'm also very much inspired by your interior shots and Photoshop skills (mine are virtually non-existent), pls post more! Loved your virtual tour of your daughter's room, I wish you'd continue this tradition.