Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

A frame a day....

I'll tell you a secret. I now have a private guru. I won't tell you this guru's name  - just quote the action-causing-guru-words.
A frame a day. Just a frame. Not more.
I started following these wise words quite a while ago. This is how my living-room floor looked this weekend.
Creative_Chaos (4)
Spot the cat!
Creative_Chaos (5)
I finally made myself carve out some time to play with my scrapbooking treasures (long live October Afternoon - thanks, dear guru!)  - that's what the results look like:
Creative_Chaos (2)
As you can see, I'm quite into hearts right now. Now, let's hope that this qise strategy will keep working as it has already helped me finally measure practically everything I wanted to have framed, order a bunch of mats, quite many frames and do some spray painting in the basement. It also brought me one step further in the middle of Fantastic Flat as I've finally decided what should happen to the chaos corner of the living room. And yes, imagine this, there've been some changes on the other side of FF - right where someone very very messy resides - and this makes me very happy!
See you all, dear non-exis, soon, hopefully with more results! Keep it in mind - a frame (or whatever you like it to be) a day...


  1. Ist das ein Hensvik-Regal? Genial gemacht mit den Rahmen, OA ist immer so schön retro/verspielt.
    Viele Grüße aus HD!

  2. Hey, Nina, meinst du das weisse Regal auf dem letzten Bild? (Vermutlich ja, sonst sind ja nicht viele zu sehen). Höchstwahrscheinlich kommts von Ikea - hab ich auf dem Sperrmüll gefunden (wie so vieles!) und eben schnell weiss gestrichen, deswegen kann ich mit dem Namen leider nicht helfen.
    OA macht süchtig, das ist ein totaler Wahnsinn! Habe noch eine Unmenge an Sachen, die in Arbeit sind, aber bald, sehr bald meine Wände/Regale schmücken werden!