Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

The Power of To-Dos?

Quite honestly, is there any?
I'm going to test it!

So, what needs to be done in FF right now? Let's face the reality!

Living Room
1. Buy a sideboard for the chaos corner.
2. Decide on the art wall above the sofa. Ledges vs free? I'm rather sure there'll be ledges!
3. Buy ledges.
4. Sort the cabinet (oh yes, this is a BIG project).
5. Buy a bigger basket for the faky faky fireplace  - tall enough to hide all the cables. Why are baskets so expensive?
6. Have our great contractor guys hang 1. and 3.

My room 
1. Decide on frames for this (and two further) beautiful picture by Lucile. This lady is a genius!
Order mats (yes, more mats and more frames. Crazy!)
2. Go to Südstadt and order a glass for a beautiful silver frame I bought this summer.
3. Close the holes in the walls and paint over them (I really doubt this one will get done before the summer holidays).
4. Finally buy a pendant (need to go to List for that. And have a test lunch at Lulu. The power of combining!)
5. Have the secret team hang my pictures (all of them! Oh yes!) and 4.
6. Order fabric for cushions, cushions and a bedspread. Sew cushions (hm, this won't be easy).
7. Sort the file cabinet. Ha ha ha. This is a good one!

1. Have the team of you know who install the too-beautiful-to-be-kept-in-the-closet House Doctor lamp.
2. Finally find a shower curtain. I'm feeling so inspired by this

    It's an old tablecloth! Well... I do know a special source...
3. Put some decent artwork/do something to the picture ledges. Maybe then one day I won't be too ashamed to post a picture of my bathroom here.
4. Buy a rug. Oh yes! The green Ikea rug goes with NOTHING in here.

1. Buy wire baskets for smaller objects.
2. Have 1 and a lovely framed chalkboard I've recently made hung.

Dining room
1. Do some painting in the niche.
2. Find old wine boxes and replace the baskets where we keep our large collection of alcohol :)
3. Arrange the niche shelves. They look like a complete disaster right now.
4. Solve the chair problem. The ones I bought at eBay (and re-did, with a little help of Chaos Man) are no longer presentable. Ideally, I'd go for some vintage bistro chairs with cushions but where to find those without spending a damn fortune?
5. Make a magnetic inspiration board and have it hung next to the cupboard. I really dislike the empty space between this beauty and the door.

Chaos room
1. Paint the wardrobe. It's going to be gray.
2. Make Chaos Man choose some decent artwork. Buy frames and picture ledges (he actually had a great idea as if where artwork could be hung in his room. Great influence?!)
3. Stop being scared of entering this room.

Random stuff
1. Buy a decent pot for the brave olive tree (it has survived in FF since summer!)
2. Clean the balconies.
3. Re-do the bench+chairs. I'm really looking forward to this one!
4. Sell half of the basement contents. I actually started today and felt really happy afterwards!

Isn't 13.02.2011 a great date to start a test like this?