Sonntag, 13. September 2009

Chaos Vs Feng Shui

Together with the growing amount of work, chaos has made itself at home in my little apartment.
Last night I realized I wasn't really able to think clearly so the first thing I did this morning were the dishes ( I HATE living without a dishwasher, have I mentioned that?)
There's obviously a connection between the state of one's flat and his/her thoughts, don't you think?
I'm off to fight the chaos and leave you with a little peek into the lion's lair!


  1. And I absolutely hate those damn capchas one have to fill every time to leave a comment.

  2. g'day! thanks for stopping by my cottage

    hmmm on the my experience there is no cheap way, postal charges have rocketed since we have been in Australia, I now rarely sent anything home to my family in England, just send cards and then shop via the internet in England, even with the difference in currency and the expense for me of paying in pounds - so I don't know is the answer! there used to be a prepaid one off international satchel but they stopped that - the last t-shirt that I sent to my nephew from here cost more in postage than it did..



  3. Hey, Sarah, thx anyway - I've prepared to spend a fortune... That woman's just written she's got Real Living mags from 08-09. I'm close to tears!