Sonntag, 6. September 2009

Magazine Junkie

that's pretty much how I could describe myself right now. As I don't have enough energy to get really creative and actually do something with my hands, I certainly tend to buy too many mags. And yes, although I now own a Real Living subscription (Yay!), there are still so many yummy back copies out there down under I'd LUVE to be able to lay my hands on...
Just got a mail from an Austrlian ebayer who  - for absolutely no reason whatsoever - refused to send her lot to Germany. She must be thinking I'm a really bad German who must be punished by not looking at the gorgeous mags. All right, let's see if there's some help out there.
The magshop site is pretty strange as well, as the only vital sign I got from them after having paid a bunch of money for the subscription was the tax invoice. Australian service? Well...
Let's just wait and see...


  1. how are you liking your subscription to real living magazine?

    i LOVE mine. it arrives promptly two months in a row already. my friends on twitter in australia told me that i get mine before they get their subscription copy which makes me feel very proud.

    i subscribe to frankie too. do you know it?

    now i want to subscribe to inside out. it shows up at the train station sometimes but i get impatient for it to arrive and sometimes miss it and get upset.

    i also want to subscribe to skona hem in sweden and to boligliv.

    but i like german mags too. do you?

    and I don't subscribe to a single american magazine. not one! funny, huh?

  2. Well... I subscribed to Martha Stewart Living. The second I finished reading my second mag, the question "What did I do that for?" popped up in my head and refused to disappear. Not going there again!

    I'm totally in love with LivingandMore, they're very pro-Scandi and oh-so-lovely!

    As for Real Living - that's just the best mag ever and Deborah, the editor, is a total sweety. I was shocked when she sent me that package, she really seems to care! I ve got three mags already and I feel so happy every time I find one in my mailbox.

    Sköna hem and co are very nice, too, but I had to say "stop" at some point...I don't know that Frankie/Inside Out lot cause I'm actually pretty new to this wonderful design/blogosphere/mag world...