Dienstag, 1. September 2009

IKEA - flop of the year?

The new IKEA catalog arrived yesterday.

My first thought as I flicked through the pages was: "Tja..." (those of my non-existent readers who speak German will understand).
The second one was: "I'm pretty much over it".
Most of the rooms shown were dark, cluttered and didn't really speak to me. Black furniture? Huge, chunky sofas? I don't know...
I will, of course, buy from IKEA in future (see the lovely trestles) but the way they served their furniture definitely hasn't blown me away. It just didn't make me want to fetch the car keys and set off to the next store.

What do you, my dearest non-existent readers, think?


  1. Well, to be honest, I don't really care at all ;)

  2. Well, to be honest, I don't really know why I keep such readers :)

  3. I think therefore I exist )

    Haven't seen the new catalog yet.
    Please give me some links to design sites you like. Need to get inspiration and to steal a couple of good ideas :)

  4. Oh, sure, I can write a post on that later today :) Everything for my non-existent readers!

  5. your comment made me laugh on my blog, g'day from a non-existent reader ;-)

    wow I coulda written this myself, shame I don't speak German, the Ikea catalogue landed on my porch and I clutched it with glee...read it with a coffee couldn't find anything inspiring, like they've had some hideous mix/match too bright colour thing going on, much less of the classic Scandi stuff I luve...sure that is in the shop still, know that is in the shop still

  6. OMG! I'm like dying! There's not much to see here yet and I already get guests like that. Wow, I certainly fell honoured (see the a-bit-slimey-post above :)
    Probably the Ikea guys just tried to get rid of that Scandi-all-white-cliche this year and well, they still have a chance to improve next year.

  7. I totally get "Tja"... and I quite agree. It leaves me feeling "hey, isn't this last seasons catalog with a new cover?!?" But like all those who live in Germany, we too will frequent the moster retialer, and not just for the hot dogs.

  8. Allison, thanks, now I'm not feeling like a lonely anti-Ikea freak any more!
    By the way, hot dogs can easily be topped by cinnamon rolls! *mmmhhhh*
    Thanks for dropping by, I feel slightly shocked that someone suddenly reads my most modest bloggy.

  9. I thought it was just because here in the US everything tends to be big, dark and heavy! (I'm a Brit and get snotty about these things).
    I thought Ikea were trimming their style to US taste.

    I have been noticing that things I like get discontinued... however there were some wonderful inspired ideas in the store, so maybe the fault is in the catalogues, world-wide!