Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

Being present...

I've recently suscribed to Ali Edwards' brilliant newsletter and I'm thrilled by the fact that it actually works.
Being present is something that Ali talked about in one of the last emails and this phrase just seemed so right.
I haven't been present for quite a while. I've traveled a lot, learnt and tried quite a bunch of new things and generally grew a bit but I haven't written a single line about all that since July.
Now it's time to change it. I'm not going to wait until I'm able to take perfect pictures with my new camera (the DSLR got stolen this fall) because this is most probably never going to happen.
I'm just going to post what I have and keep writing my little online diary, perfectly meaningless to the world.
Fantastic flat's been coming along nicely. There's progress everywhere, quite a lot to show, actually.
Like this funky corner.
Or maybe this one? It's all become a bit more colorful as I'd brought heaps of beautiful things from my trips to Japan and India last year. One day there'll be photo albums with real pictures and journaling and all this but right now all I can manage is a bit of handmade here and there. Oh yes, and a clean desk. From time to time.
I should've written more about those trips. They were so very different from everything I'd known. Loved Japan and our new Japanese friends. Loved all the zakka stores. The book stores. Loved the sushi galore (of course!)
We actually even managed a flea market visit in Tokyo. Can you find the loot in the shelf?
I'm going to end my very first post of the year with a simple resolution.
2012 I'm going to blog regularly. Say, on a weekly basis. Already put that into my iPhone planner.
See you soon, dear non-existant readers! And thanks, Ali.


  1. Oh, I'd love to hear more about your travels!!!!! And your home looks so lovely!

  2. Thanks so much, dear Frau Haselmayer (he he, talk about great blog names :) - I'm planning on doing that along with my first, timid scrapbooking attempts.

  3. Ach, ich freu' mich auch, hier mal wieder etwas zu lesen! Deine Wohnung ist sehr schön und inspirierend!

  4. Danke, Iris! Mein Gedächtnis verlässt mich, have we met before? Liebe Grüße

  5. No, we haven't met before. Obwohl, vielleicht doch. Ich wohne nämlich auch in Hannover, allerdings in Ahlem und entdecke meine Stadt hier manchmal neu. Bin keine Bloggerin, etwas unkundig mit Computern, aber ich mag Deinen witzigen Schreibstil und Deine originelle Einrichtung.

  6. Ahlem klingt für mich ein bisschen nach einem Häuschen im Grünen :)
    Danke für deine Komplimente, ich gebe mir wirklich Mühe mit der Einrichtung, das zahlt sich nämlich aus: Man kommt wahnsinnig gerne nach Hause!
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Donnerwetter, gut getippt! Ich wohne tatsächlich in einer Art Waldschrat-Haus im Grünen! Manchmal muß ich zuhause einfach laut rufen "Ach, ist das schön hier". So schön finde ich es. Früher habe ich mich einfach nie getraut, zuzugeben, wie wichtig mir eine schöne Umgebung ist, ich hielt das irgendwie für oberflächlich und habe dementsprechend häßlich gewohnt. Merkwürdig, aber wahr. Dir weiterhin Glückauf liebe Alina. LG Iris

    2. Vor fünf Jahren wohnte ich in eine 7 qm Zimmer zur Untermiete und hatte auf einer Matratze auf dem Boden geschlafen. Und es war mir völlig egal, ich mochte mein Zimmer sogar, weil es so gemütlich war! Nun, alles ändert sich... Und das mit dem 'Ist es schön hier' passiert mir regelmäßig!
      Auf die schöne Umgebung!

  7. Hi Frau Meyer...I wanted to leave a comment on your organisational post, but couldn't see how!? I comment here instead ;) I love your blog and apartment and really wanted to ask where you got your living room rug from??? :) LG, KJ

  8. Dear KJ, that's weird, I didn't change anything about the comments.
    It's funny how everyone is in love with this rug - I wasn't sure if I should buy it. Happy I actually did. Carried it all the way from Delhi, India. You can buy a really similar one at Ikea, though! Hope this could help.

  9. Hey Alina, thanks for responding - no luck at IKEA so far, but will keep looking as India is just a tad far :) Was definitely worth carrying it home tho' :) I think a lot of people have the zig zag ones at the moment, but yours is just a bit different (and would make biscuit crumbs less easily visible!!) :D
    Thx, Karin

  10. Our cat's hair (when not growing on her) is black-white, so I guess that's a perfect carpet for us! I've heard that this Stockholm carpet is currently not in stock at Ikea, so I guess you'll have to be patient/search for alternatives (and there are some if you live in Germany!)