Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Sticking with the plans

and trying new things!

Quite honestly, I have to admit that sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that needs to be taken care of. However, regular small actions do make a difference.
I'm currently testing a new approach to time management (more action, less Internet, yes, been there before) with a list of
*30 minutes projects (organizing paper/crafting supplies, drawers in my work cabinet, listing things for sale online etc.)
* 1 hour projects (basement, tax report, work)
So far, I've organized/backed up my computers, sold a bunch of clothes/furniture I no longer wanted/needed and gotten started on the tax report. I also ordered some beautiful things for the flat and managed to stay on top of the things at work. And yes, there've been regular updates on this blog. What an achievement!
The picture is supposed to illustrate the wine/cheese seminar we visited yesterday, following the 'trying new things' plan.  It wasn't easy!
Three hours, 10 wines, 9 cheeses. The whole action took place in a gorgeous old school building around the  corner, so we could ride our bikes there. Definitely a fun experience, although the rest of the day was, of course, completely wasted.
I'll be back!