Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

The organizing madness

As it doesn't seem an easy task to actually post something sensible every other week, I'm still going to try and use the opportunity for rambling a bit instead of just placing a couple of nice pictures here.
There won't be any nice pictures this time as I left my camera in Berlin (a wonderful weekend with two girlfriends, lots of apple pie and lengthy conversations). Intead, an iPhone shot of Vivian the Cat feeling a special connection to nature will have to do as an opening illustration.
Vivi and the tree
Organzing has become madly popular these days. Everybody's trying to organize everything around them that's not nailed. Oh yes, and there's time management out there, too!
So while I've been gathering inspiration online at places like Simplify101 (a great resource, by the way, even if you're not willing to sign up for a 70 bucks workshop), a lot happened offline.
Here's the list:
*My day job requires super-advanced organizing skills. I can't call myself a professional in that area just yet but these are my helpers:
My ever changing work and play shelf
This shelf hosts almost all the books and materials I need at any given moment. There's a little secret closet right behind it that used to be a hand-pulled lift (the house is really old).
Crazy about Schrank
And this is the ever-flickry-popular cabinet I spotted while riding my bike in the neighborhood. An old pharmacy was closing down and all the furniture was just standing right there on the pavement, looking at me, screaming: "Take me home". I entered the place, saw the cabinet and didn't leave until my boyfriend came to pick us both up. I was too anxious someone else might take it! The multitalent cabinet holds all my materials (neatly labeled) on the right and crafty supplies (paper, stamps, punches etc.) on the left. It's definitely a 'never-let-me-go' piece!

*I also tried organizing my living room a bit.
A glimpse of the living room
Making plain Ikea kitchen cabinets work as a sideboard idea had been in my head long enough, ever since I spotted it in the Apartment Therapy book. The total cost was around 100 Euros. Now talk about being savvy! This sideboard holds anything that shouldn't be seen (CDs, mags, frames yet to be hung etc.)
I also hoped I'd swap the art on the picture ledge above the sofa every once in while. Ha ha. Keep dreaming.

My next project is an organized closet. I've started selling things (and furniture) I no longer need and can report back - go for it!


I've bought a little helper and I do hope that before I pack my suitcase to travel again to my beloved Land of the Best Shopping Ever, I'll have a very detailed list of things I really need that, together with my long-time favorites, are going to make my wardrobe work. Maybe it'll be the end of my jeans/skirt/jeans/skirt dressing ritual (boring!).
I'm going to end this post with some flowers my significant other gave me right before SVD. He should know that they made me really happy.
Pre-Valentine flowers